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Intelligence analysis

bitSecure is a group of ex-government intelligence analysts focusing in electronics intelligence, imagery and video intelligence, and human intelligence for the private sector.

Optimized assets


Worried about the size of your complaint? We prove change of custody with one page.



Our people are retired DoD and CIA analysts with verifiable expertise.


Verify everything

With a network of analysts ready to work on projects, there are no time constraints.

Serving many industries

We’re discreet

We have access to one of the largest Open Source Intelligence collections, RISSNET, and will supplement with hands on reconnosaince without leaving a fingerprint.

Expert analysis

We provide expert analysis of imagery and video with declaration and testimony when required

Forensic analysis

We can pull the data and maintain the chain of custody. We can defeat most encryption and passwords


If you just need interpretation or 3D reimaging of 2D assets using the same techniques as the CIA, we got you covered

Small assets

We optimize assets when we to save problems at display time. We can provide cloud, thumbdrive, CD, or DVD.

What our clients think about us now

If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

Questions and answers


Do you have experts in my area?

We have experts in 25 different states and simple travel reimbursement options if we’re not local to your court or deposition.


Do you offer physical security?

You have probably seen our physical security and wondered if it’s available as a service. Unfortunately, we can only offer protection services for our own assets.


What is the best way to send you video?

We can send you a link to a secure drop, or you can send us a link to a cloud provider, or even send us a thumbdrive. Please use encryption on your thumbdrives. We can send you our public key.

Due to increased security, we are only taking new clients by introduction.

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